Cowpats and Brickbats

Tales from the Waikato

By David Henshaw and Graham McBride

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Think of the Waikato region and a settled landscape of dairy farms and sheep farms comes to mind. But today's prosperous countryside was wrestled from peat swamps and bush-clad hills by Waikato's pioneers through years of hard yakka, improvisation and doing without. However, there was also lots of laughter and wonderful stories, from back then and today. David Henshaw and Graham McBride, both great story-tellers and story-gatherers, have brought together a collection of yarns – some true and some embellished in the telling – that celebrate the Waikato and its people. With paintings, sketches and cartoons by David, New Zealand's favourite country artist.

200 x 240 mm, 80 pages, with 8 pages of colour, paperback


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David Henshaw and Graham McBride

David Henshaw was born in Kimbolton, Manawatu. His career as a valuer has taken him all over rural New Zealand, but since 1977 he has been based just out of Hamilton. His 'Jock' cartoons and calendars have amused rural folk and townies alike for years, and he has also published three books, including the hugely popular Whitebait and Wetlands: Tales of the West Coast. In 2007, David received the Landcorp Communicator of the Year Award, and he continues to draw, paint and illustrate what he loves best – the New Zealand rural landscape and its people.
Graham McBride's years dedicated to producing top-quality products from his Waikato dairy farm didn't stop his burning interest in the country around him, or its people. He has made a major contribution to caring for the environment, reducing and eliminating agricultural chemicals, and working hard to develop sustainable land use systems in New Zealand. This work was recognised by the New Zealand Green Ribbon Award in 2000 and he was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2005.