Whitebait and Wetlands

Tales of the West Coast

By David Henshaw and John Dawson

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The West Coast of the South Island holds a special place in the mythology of New Zealand culture. It is the last frontier, the 'wild west' of New Zealand – and the coasters are larger-than-life characters. The authors have both spent significant parts of their working lives on the Coast and know the locals and their stories well – from the Mayoress and the ladies’ long-drop at the ‘Puke’ tavern, the notorious Slatey Creek mob and the outfoxed Texan, to Vince the vet and the farmer who fixes iron deficiency in his calves by putting old horseshoes in the troughs. The book features 25 tall tales – most true, some not-so-true, but all highly entertaining. and are illustrated by New Zealand's best known country cartoonist and artist, David Henshaw.

200 x 240 mm, 104 pages, with 8 pages of colour, paperback


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