Kiwi Muscle Car Collections

By Steve Holmes

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Right from the outset Kiwi car enthusiasts took to the muscle car concept. With our relatively cheap fuel, open roads and love of fast, noisy V8s, New Zealanders own a disproportionately high number of muscle cars of all makes and models, particularly given our relatively small population. In Kiwi Muscle Car Collections Steve Holmes gets unprecedented access to some rare, exotic, mild and wild high-performance vehicles, and their proud owners.

Listen to Graham Beattie reviewing this and The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven by Alan Brown on Radio New Zealand.

280 x 210 mm, landscape, hardback, 192 pages, full colour



Steve Holmes

Steve Holmes is a respected motorsport journalist, specialising in classic cars. He is the author of Kiwi Bike Culture: Unique Motorbike Collections, The Kiwi Hot Rodder’s Guide to Life, Petrolheads in Sheds, and The Kiwi Ute Driver’s Guide to Life.