Retro Caravans

Vantastic Kiwi Collections

By Don Jessen

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The Kiwi retro caravan craze is in full bloom — clear from the ever-increasing number of vans parked up at idyllic holiday spots, vans spotted at car events around the country, the magazines and online chatter on the subject, and a general yearning among the population for the sort of carefree holidaying that caravanning offers.

Don Jessen profiles some of the country’s prettiest and most interesting vans, and gives a bit of history on what is an enduring and endearing hobby for many.

Foreword by Kevin Milne.

280 x 210 mm, landscape, 176 pages, hardback, colour, illustrations



Don Jessen

Don Jessen is the son of Tek Jessen, founder of Liteweight Caravans Inc. of Hillcrest, Hamilton, New Zealand’s most successful caravan manufacturing company over four decades.