Aesop's Kiwi Fables

By Ray Ching

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Many of us grew up with the charming, though sometimes brutal, Aesop's fables. Now, internationally renowned artist Ray Ching brings the fables 'home' in a stunning, whimsical Kiwi take on one of the world's most enduring story collections.

In this superb book featuring 47 Ray Ching oil paintings, produced specifically for this project, Aesop's Fables have left their origins in Greece and ancient Europe and set off to the distant isles of New Zealand. Now, the anecdotes are imaginatively told by the inhabitants of these islands: domestic Cats are as wily as Foxes, Tui as smart as Crows, and ancient Tuatara is as dogged as Tortoise to successfully win his race with Possum. The variety and beauty of the art works form a glorious portrait of the inhabitants of these very special South Pacific islands.

An introduction by Richard Wolfe gives an insight into the work and art of Ray Ching, and a brief history of Aesop's fables in publication.

177 x 237 mm, landscape, 228 pages, 4-colour case with French fold jacket and ribbon marker, 47 paintings


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Ray Ching

Considered by many to be one of the best wildlife painters of the twentieth century, Raymond Harris Ching’s career as an artist started with his first exhibition 'Thirty Birds' in Auckland in 1966. Discovered by publisher and ornithologist Sir William Collins who introduced him to British wildlife painter Sir Peter Scott, Ching soon left for the United Kingdom and in one year produced over 200 individual paintings for the Reader's Digest Book of British Birds, published in 1969. This has gone on to become the world's most successful and biggest-selling ornithological book and remains in print today.
Ray Ching's curiously un-English sounding name is Cornish in origin, and it is from there that his family sailed for New Zealand in 1840. They settled in Nelson, from where, on the family farm one hundred or so years later, Ray Ching was introduced to the birds and other creatures that have remained central to his art. Books on his paintings include: Raymond Ching, The Bird Paintings (1978), Studies & Sketches of a Bird Painter (1981), New Zealand Birds (1987), Wild Portraits (1988), Journey of an Artist (1990), Kiwis, A Monograph of the Family Apterygidae (1990), Voice from the Wilderness (1994). Based in Bradford-on-Avon, England, he is presently working on a companion fables volume, entitled Aesop's Outback Fables.