My Throne A Cockpit

By Owen Williamson

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When your office is the cockpit of a topdressing aeroplane, it's hard not to think of your seat as a throne. As your daily commute takes in the grandeur of the mountains, the beauty of the sunrise and the sight of the world going about its business below, you know you're one of the lucky ones. Every work day is different, and you never know whether today you'll meet with danger or delight. My Throne, A Cockpit is a sometimes funny, sometimes serious ramble through the world of a topdressing crew in the 1970s, as remembered and told from the unique perspective of the loader driver. This story is not just about the equipment we used, nor is it intended as a history lesson, it's a chance for you to join us at work on the airstrip and in the cockpit, to meet the locals, share the humour and to feel the fear. Please climb aboard, put on your shoulder harness and fasten your seatbelt for a journey back into that era of aerial topdressing. Expect to experience plenty of laughs and the odd fright so sit back and enjoy the flight.

235 x 150mm portrait TBP



Owen Williamson

At the age of 19, Owen Williamson received an offer from Don MacDonald to work as a topdressing loader driver for Farmers Aerial in Alexandra. It was a dream job for a lad who'd always wanted to be a pilot. Owen spent the next five years clocking up countless hours in the skies above Central Otago and further afield. Along the way, he earned his private and commercial pilot's licenses and heard a hell of a lot of good stories. However, his long term plan was to go farming, and he spent 28 years on a cattle and deer property near Poolburn before moving to Ranfurly. He still drives a topdressing loader part-time.