Bloody Gallipoli

The New Zealanders Story

By Richard Stowers

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With Bloody Gallipoli, Richard Stowers has created a highly readable and often tragic account of this doomed campaign from the New Zealand perspective. This is a book that clearly and concisely sets out New Zealand’s involvement from the first declaration of war until the final evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula. Detailed within are the battles that have long haunted New Zealand military history such as the Daisy Patch, Hill 60 and of course Chunuk Bair. Drawing on personal diaries and reproducing over 350 photographs, this book will appeal to a wide range of people, from military history buffs to family researchers. One of the treasures of this book is the detailed casualty list, which for the first time allows the reader to comprehend, battle by battle, the enormous sacrifice New Zealand towns and communities made in supporting Great Britain’s efforts to “knock Turkey out of the war”. This book provides new insights into a campaign that 95 years on shows no sign of losing its poignancy to new generations of New Zealanders and serves to reinforce the contention that our nationhood was first forged on the hills and ridges of Bloody Gallipoli.

285 x 213 mm, 448 pages, over 350 black and white photographs and illustrations, hardback with jacket


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Richard Stowers

Richard Stowers, a freelance graphic artist from Hamilton, keenly pursues stories and original photographs of New Zealanders who were involved in the New Zealand Wars, the Anglo-Boer War and the First World War. Much of his inspiration for this book comes from research of a great-uncle who died of wounds on Gallipoli. His abiding interest in New Zealand military history has resulted in previous books, Kiwi versus Boer, Forest Rangers, The New Zealand Medal to Colonials and Rough Riders at War. In 1999 he helped produce a centennial display on New Zealand’s involvement in the Anglo-Boer War for the Waiouru Memorial Army Museum. As with his previous books, Bloody Gallipoli combines his talents of research, writing and graphic design.