Holden A Kiwi Obsession

By Steve Holmes

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Holden A Kiwi Obsession describes the history of the Holden motor company, from its early beginnings in Australia, to its expansion into New Zealand. It features stories of several interesting Holdens and their proud Kiwi owners, mixed with old photographs showing Holdens being used in everyday life, Holden race cars, customized Holdens, as well as Holden car sales brochures, old magazine features, and even Holden memorabilia

210mm x 280mm landscape PLC



Steve Holmes

Wairarapa-based Steve Holmes is the go-to guy on anything car-related in this country and is the author of 2014 title Kiwi Muscle Car Collections as well as many other motoring titles : Kiwi Bike Culture: Unique Motorbike Collections, The Kiwi Hot Rodder's Guide to Life; Petrolheads in Sheds, The Kiwi Ute Drivers Guide Guide to Life, normal; Kiwi Mustangs and Kiwi Speedway Culture.