New Zealand Rugby Country

How the game shaped our nation

By Desmond Wood

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New Zealand is arguably the greatest rugby-playing country on the planet. From the beginning, this classless society captured the game founded in the English class system and made it its own. New Zealanders not only adopted the game but also introduced many innovations along with adding an unmatched competitiveness and will to win. The national side, the All Blacks, is almost certainly the most successful team in the history of sport. Young New Zealanders aspire to join that history and most New Zealanders reflect in the glow that the sport produces. This book authoritatively and fully explores the narrative of how a nation of four-and-a half million people became Rugby Country.

240 x 160 mm, portrait, 304 pages, paperback


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Desmond Wood

Des Wood is a graduate in both History, M A (Hons), and Law, Llb (Hons), from the University of Canterbury. A member of the Australian Society for Sports History and the British Society for Sports History he has previously published in history, exploring the relationships between the history of sport and society. He is the author of the well-received Fringe of Heaven, the Centennial History of the Titirangi Golf Club. Des practises as a barrister in Auckland.