Mike Sinclair

Kenny Roberts Spannerman

By Kerry Swanson

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This is a story of a young man who progressed from working in spare parts for a major Christchurch motorcycle retailer to the position of crew chief for 'King' Kenny Roberts' Yamaha grand prix team. It is a history of significant change, both political and technological, with respect to how the Grand Prix season organised and the machinery necessary to win that most coveted of titles... 'World 500 cc Champion'. Mike started his racing career riding a 350cc BSA, but everything changed when he discovered two-strokes. Increasingly he experimented, blowing numerous engines up along the way but at the same time learning, always learning. This trajectory of discovery coincided with increasing interaction between overseas and local riders, and it didn't take too long for us Kiwi's to realise we really could cut it with the best... Mike's 25 year long career provides an insight into a period of motorcycle racing when change was both rapid and compelling, he was not only a participant, on the technological front he initiated much of that change

235mm x 150mm portrait, TBP (with colour photo inserts)



Kerry Swanson

Kerry is a retired geologist, with experience in both the private sector and tertiary education. He has written numerous scientific publications and books on motorsport and motoring history. He is a regular contributor to motorcycle magazines in New Zealand and other countries.