Maori and the Natural World

Te Taiao

By Te Ara - Encyclopedia of New Zealand

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Winner 2011 Nga Kupu Ora Maori Book Awards Non-fiction.

In traditional Maori knowledge, the weather, birds, fish and trees, sun and moon are related to each other, and to the people of the land, the tangata whenua. It is truly an interconnected world – a vast family of which humans are children of the earth and sky, and cousins to all living things. In this richly illustrated book, Maori scholars and writers share the traditional knowledge passed down the generations by word of mouth. It provides a unique window on the relationship of the people of the land with their environment, as well as the profound knowledge and necessary skills they needed to survive here.

"Maori and the Natural World is exhaustive and exquisitely illustrated."      Sunday Star Times

 The judges awarded Te Taiao not only for contributing to our knowledge of how Maori interact with the environment, but also for the high quality of its writing, editing, illustrations and photography. “The illustrations and artforms supporting each chapter create a visual symphony that allows the reader to indulge in each page, each picture, and each word.”

Comments from the judges of Nga Kupu Ora Maori Book Awards, 2011

270 x 210 mm, portrait, 196 pages, hundreds of colour photographs, paperback with flaps


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