New Zealand Ferns & Allied Plants

By Patrick J. Brownsey and John Smith-Dodsworth

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There is perhaps nothing more evocative of New Zealand 'bush' than ferns, from tall stately tree ferns to epiphytes and species that sprawl over rocky ground or nestle in the dim light of crevices. This comprehensive volume covers some 184 species plus the 22 related plants known as 'fern allies' to enable ready identification. This extremely attractive, accurate account of the New Zealand fern flora has become a standard reference work on New Zealand ferns.

242 x 184 mm, portrait, 260 pages including 32 pages of colour, hardback with jacket



Patrick J. Brownsey and John Smith-Dodsworth

Patrick Brownsey is New Zealand’s leading authority on ferns, having published more than 50 scientific papers, and has travelled widely in New Zealand to study its fern flora. John Smith-Dodsworth was born in North Yorkshire, England and came to New Zealand in 1956. He has lived in the Coromandel since 1968 and during his time there developed his interest in ferns, further increasing the knowledge he had built over the previous twenty years, and developed his skills as a photographer of native plants.