Penguins: Their World, Their Ways

By Tui De Roy, Mark Jones and Julie Cornthwaite

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"In Albatross, De Roy - an author of many books on wildlife themes - and co-author Mark Jones attracted wide praise for the spectacular photography, evocative text and fascinating science.

Those elements recur in their new publication, the first comprehensive book to cover all 18 penguin species. It's worth every cent of the retail price."

Ken Fraser, ESCAPE, The Press

The first book to comprehensively cover all of the 18 penguin species in an engaging blend of accessible writing, the latest scientific research and over 400 breathtaking photographs.

Perhaps the most loved of birds, we’ve been fascinated by penguins for just about as long as we’ve known they existed.

Incredible photography takes you into the heart of the penguins’ lives and essays from leading researchers reveal the fascinating science being used to find out more about these engaging birds. A comprehensive species by species description with the latest information and maps.

Reviews for Albatross:
“A spectacular photographic celebration of the albatross family. This highly readable volume ... will appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure …” Brett Westwood, BBC Wildlife

“Consistently beautiful and awe-inspiring, I found myself amazed anew with every page turned … a highly recommended addition to anyone’s birding library.” The Birder’s Library

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292 x 235 mm, 240 pages, colour, cased with jacket, over 400 photographs


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Tui De Roy, Mark Jones and Julie Cornthwaite

TUI DE ROY is a highly acclaimed writer and photographer whose previous books include the ground-breaking Albatross (2008) and Galápagos: Preserving Darwin’s Legacy (2009). Co-author and photographer MARK JONES has collaborated with Tui on many projects and JULIE CORNTHWAITE completes the New Zealand-based team at The Roving Tortoise Photography. Their travels have spanned virtually everywhere penguins are found, from the sun-baked lava shores of the Galápagos Islands to the deep-frozen Antarctic where Emperor penguins breed. When not away adventuring, the Roving Tortoise team is busy at their base in Golden Bay.