Mark Cleverley


By Jonty Valentine with Sherry Blankenship

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Mark Cleverley was a leading New Zealand design practitioner in a career spanning four decades and many design disciplines. While his name may not be familiar to the majority of New Zealanders, his work, from the 1960s through to the 1990s, certainly is, with his designs for postage stamps, ceramics (Crown Lynn), and packaging being part of almost every New Zealand home. In this latest book in the Objectspace Master of Craft series, the process of design is examined, from the development of an idea through drawing to its realisation in the finished object – or what Mark himself termed ‘working in the third person’. This beautifully designed and visually rich book explores his work and the business of graphic design in New Zealand. Includes essays by Sherry Blankenship and Jonty Valentine and interviews with Mark Cleverley.

270 x 200 mm, 144 pages full colour, paperback with flaps



Jonty Valentine with Sherry Blankenship

Jonty Valentine is an Auckland based graphic designer, university lecturer and sometimes curator and writer. He runs a design studio—Index—which specialises in publication design and design for arts organizations, and is co-editor of the graphic design journal The National Grid. Jonty received a BFA from University of Canterbury and an MFA from Yale University, both in graphic design.

Sherry Blankenship is a writer and Associate Professor at Ohio University, teaching graphic design in both the BFA and MFA graphic design programs. Now serving on the editorial advisory panel of Iridescent, the Icograda Journal of Design Research, Sherry is also peer reviewer/editor for anti-po-des, a New Zealand journal of design research. She has taught graphic design in the USA, New Zealand, Lebanon, Qatar, India and Zimbabwe.