Managing Chronic Illness

Reclaim health and well-being

By Veronica Latham

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Coping with a long-term or permanent illness such as depression, hepatitis, or epilepsy, asthma or diabetes, it is difficult to know how to manage. Managing chronic Illness clearly shows that it is possible to have a chronic condition and to be well. Sympathetic, effective and informative, the book provides practical advice on steps you can take to reclaim your health and take control of your life again. Veronica Latham has personal knowledge of chronic illness as she was diagnosed with Crohn?s Disease as a teenager. She has written this book for fellow sufferers, and for their caregivers, partners, family and friends. It includes advice and strategies on: Talking to doctors and other health professionals. Managing your medication. Coping with hospital visit. Understanding and controlling pain. The book also looks at caring for children with chronic illness, the pros and cons of natural therapies, understanding diet and nutrition and numerous other tips on how to live a healthier life. Clear accessible charts provide useful New Zealand website addresses and an extensive bibliography lists further reading.

210 x 137 mm, portrait, 256 pages, paperback



Veronica Latham

Veronica Latham has worked as a clinical nurse specialist and researcher in Scotland, England and New Zealand for over 15 years. Her ability to manage a chronic illness and lead a positive, active life has given her the inspiration to write this book. The foreword is written by Dr Bob Large, psychiatrist and pain medicine specialist at The Auckland Regional Pain Service.