How technology is helping us monitor and improve our health

By Richard MacManus

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Self-tracking is the practice of measuring and monitoring your health, activities or diet through technologies such as smartphone apps, wearables and personal genomics, empowering you to take control of your day to day health. Richard MacManus explains the benefits and risks of self-tracking and looks at:

* What exactly is being tracked
* The tools and techniques being used
* The best practices of early adopters
* How self-tracking is revolutionizing the health and wellness industries
* How the medical establishment is adapting to these new trends

Hear more about the book in an interview with Kim Hill, on National Radio, 24 January 2015.

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' … lively and engaging … an easy to read, well paced survey of an important development.
' - Gordon Findlay, Booksellers NZ
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How MyFitnessPal Became The King Of Diet Trackers

'...both autobiographical and a tech visionary’s sharp-eyed account of the landscape of new-age health devices …  In short, Trackers is a great read…' -
Amy Tenderich, DiabetesMine
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'Richard MacManus has penned a must-read book both for anyone looking to get or stay healthy and the millions of care givers working to help them on that journey . . . Trackers is that rare treat of a technology book that manages to stay current despite a fastmoving news cycle, and succeeds at offering its lucky readers a peek at what’s next.' - Brian Dolan, Editor & co-founder, MobiHealthNews

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Richard MacManus

Richard MacManus is the founder of technology blog, which became one of the world’s most popular blogs. As ReadWrite’s founder, he is widely recognized as a leader in articulating what’s next in technology and what it means for society at large. He became interested in health technology when diagnosed with Type I diabetes and he has written many articles about consumer health products and trends. Richard lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

Richard’s homepage is He is active on social media and you can follow his ongoing thoughts about self-tracking on Facebook and Twitter, under the handle @ricmac.