The Fearless Kitchen

By Vanessa Baxter

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Food is fuel, but food is so much more than that. It is about community and family. It is about bringing people together, about engagement, chatter, laughter. It is about the teaching of patience and manners. Food will be with us forever embrace it.

Winner of the Gourmand Best TV Cookbook for New Zealand 2018 and the Cookbooks: International category at the 9th International Book Awards, run by American Book Fest.

255mm x 205mm, portrait, paperback with flaps



Vanessa Baxter

Vanessa Baxter won the hearts of many when she appeared in the 2013 season of MasterChef, finishing up at fourth. However, by this time she had already spent half a lifetime following her passion for food. Having qualified as a music therapist with a psychology degree, she soon ditched that for a job in an Italian restaurant in Melbourne. From there, she went to work in London and the United States, all the while devoting her spare time travelling around the world in pursuit of genuine food experiences.