Clean Bakery

Wholesome and nourishing baking for New Zealanders

By Carine Claudepierre

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Goodies without guilt!

Do you love baking but want to learn how to bake easily using more nourishing ingredients? Clean Bakery provides healthier, mouth-watering baking recipes that are 100% refined sugar and dairy-free and that use only real, nutrient-dense ingredients.

Features 80 mouth-watering baking recipes of which 79 are dairy-free, 66 gluten-free, 49 paleo friendly, 50 vegan, 23 raw and 34 nut-free. There is something delicious for everyone, whatever your diet choices or restrictions.

Detailed swap-out information in easy-to-use table format for substituting flours, sugars, and lactose while still retaining flavour and texture.

Whether you are diabetic or simply looking to cut down on refined sugars, you will find wonderful baking ideas, including many French classics revisited.

Here Carine talking about her book with Kathryn Ryan on RNZ.

250 x 210 mm, 224 pages, hardback



Carine Claudepierre

Carine was born and raised in France. When diagnosed with prediabetes she had to give up the pleasures of home-baking. But using her skills as a research scientist she started to develop innovative baking recipes that worked with her low-carb diet and her food blog started to attract hundreds of thousands of readers. Find her on