The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven

Wood, Fire, Food and Friends

By Alan Brown

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Cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven is made for Kiwi outdoor living and The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven is the one comprehensive source of everything you need to know to share in that lifestyle. Topics include whether to build your own or buy a pre-cast oven, the best place to site it, which firewood burns best, what tools are needed, how to fire the oven and maintain the temperature, and, most importantly, what you can cook in it.

Highly regarded chef, culinary lecturer and author Alan Brown built his own oven, and here he shares invaluable practical advice on all aspects of oven management, as well as his own irresistible recipes, photographed in sumptuous colour by Todd Eyre. You won’t believe quite how delicious food tastes cooked in a pizza oven, whether seafood, meat, vegetables, bread, desserts or, of course, pizzas!

The Complete Kiwi Pizza Oven also includes the perennially popular Shed magazine article on how to build a pizza oven, as well as profiles of a variety of Kiwis and their ovens, with their (often hilarious) experiences, recipes and tips.

Alan Brown talks with Mike on TV One's Kiwi Living show about cooking with pizza ovens.

Listen to Graham Beattie reviewing this and Kiwi Muscle Car Collections by Steve Holmes on Radio New Zealand.

248 x 220 mm, 288 pages, hardback, endpapers, full colour


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Alan Brown

Alan Brown is a senior chef lecturer at AUT University, and in 2013 was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Award, as well as becoming the first New Zealand recipient of the London City and Guilds’ International Medal for Excellence in teaching culinary arts. Alan is also a national culinary judge and critic for New Zealand Lamb and Beef, Monteith’s Beer and Wild Food Challenge, New Zealand venison (Cervena), at World Skills, Restaurant of the Year, Best Sausage, and Young Butchers competitions, and for the New Zealand Food Writers Guild.

Alan’s lifelong passion for all things culinary means his leisure activities often centre around upskilling and ‘tinkering’, including making wine, cheese and sausages, hot- and cold-smoking, baking sourdough bread, distilling, food photography, gourmet travel in New Zealand and abroad, and, of course, cooking in his wood-fired oven.