Needle Felting From Basics to Bears

By Liza Adams

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Needle felting is all the rage and this book will show you how to make the cutest little bears, bunnies and more from gorgeous, natural wools. Even if you are brand new to the craft, you will make something meaningful from your very first project. Build your skills as you progress through the book so that you can create your own quality sculpted and jointed bears and other animals.

Step-by-step instructions and photos show you how to begin and introduce new techniques as you progress through the book. You will learn how to make joints so that the arms, legs and heads can move and how to add accessories to make your bear or bunny unique. There are also instructions on how to make pointed ears, long tails, and assorted noses and muzzles to create different types of bears and animals.

246 x 189 mm, 128 pages, paperback, over 400 photos



Liza Adams

Liza Adams has been needle felting and teaching the craft to others for over 10 years. Her aim for this book is to give people the skills they need to begin their journey in the art of sculpting with wool and learn not only how to create quality felted pieces, but also unique jointed bears and other animals. Liza has written on needle felting for a number of magazines, including Australian Bear Creations, Felt Magazine and New Zealand Teds, and has won numerous awards for her sculpted bears, including two from the Teddy Bear Artists and Friends International Show. She is the owner and creator of Little Handfuls Mini Bears and can be found on Facebook or at her website.