Jack's Castle

By Brett Avison/Scott Tulloch

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Kiwi summers mean hours of fun playing on the beach. And nothing makes the day go faster than building your very own sandcastle. One day at the beach with dog Toby, Jack decides to use his digger to construct the best castle ever. Now, as everyone knows, sandcastles are like a magnet for everyone else on the beach, and soon Jack is joined by a tribe of excited children, keen to join in on the fun. And then the tide comes in ... While the other children are crestfallen at the loss of their castle, Jack is determined to outwit nature with a cunning plan. One that involves some bags of cement in Dad's garage...

Format: 250 x 250mm square, PLC hardback, 32 pages, fully illustrated.



Brett Avison/Scott Tulloch

Brett Avison's assured and spritely read-out-loud, laugh-out-loud text is perfectly paired with Scott Tulloch's witty, effervescent and layered illustrations. Together they have produced a timeless Kiwi classic, which bottles up a dose of summer sunshine with a dollop of childhood adventure. This inspired pairing of bestselling author and illustrator assures that Jack's Castle will be a read-out-loud preschool and classroom favourite, a bedtime pleaser, and the perfect vehicle for a child to learn to read. Another classic from two talented individuals, who at heart are still boys on the beach building castles.