A Hippo Lives in Havelock

By Brett Avison

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"The text rollicks along in jaunty rhyme and children well beyond Havelock will be captivated by the hippo's heroics."
Magpies, Vol. 31, 2016

A Hippo Lives in Havelock is a quintessential Kiwi story. Havelock could be any town in New Zealand and the sense of wonder at a hippo coming to reside in the town could be felt by any little Kiwi kid in their own patch of New Zealand. Scott Tulloch's detailed illustrations depict things us Kiwis are familiar with: the NZ Post postie on a bike, camping scenes, the Cook Strait ferry, campervans, our wildlife and seashells, colonial wooden buildings, town halls and community gardens. The clever text is a chance to promote stories of ourselves in our own backyard. The big question, of course, is how does a hippo fit into all of this? Think of the recent worldwide fascination when a hippo (and other animals) escaped from a flooded zoo in Georgia and ran amok. It captured the imagination of millions around the world.

250 x 250 mm, hardback, 24 pages



Brett Avison

Brett Avison is the author of bestselling children's titles A Bigger Digger, Ducks to Water, Stuck in the Muck. Brett lives in Havelock with his wife, his cat and his dog New Zealand illustrator Scott Tulloch lives in Arrowtown.