New Zealanders and the Sea

By Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand

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As an island nation, most New Zealanders live or holiday near the sea and many of our memories and experiences are built upon playing in, around and on the water. But the seas surrounding us have played a much more significant role in our lives than fun and entertainment. They brought us to this land, fed us and allowed us to travel about before roads became the norm. Today we are exploring the oceans as never before – discovering how they work, how they affect the climate of New Zealand and the rest of the world and how they can continue to feed us in the future. This superbly illustrated book tells many stories of New Zealanders and the sea, from the science of oceanography and climate through to the history of boat building and shipping, lighthouses, castaways, the fishing industry, marine conservation, recreational boating and fishing, kaimoana and aquaculture.

270 x 210 mm, 272 pages, over 500 photographs, maps and diagrams, hardback with jacket



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