Settler and Migrant Peoples of New Zealand

By Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand

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As the last sizeable landmass to be settled by people, the history of New Zealand is a story of migration; from the first Polynesian explorers to this year’s new settlers. This fascinating book comes out of the online Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand project and describes the incredible variety of the peoples who settled in New Zealand from the 19th century onwards. The introductory chapters explore the themes of migration – how and why people travelled around the world to settle in a country often far removed geographically and culturally from their homelands. Following these chapters, each ethnic group is described covering how and why they came to New Zealand and what issues they faced then and now. When people settle in New Zealand it is not just their luggage or clothes on their back that they bring with them. They also bring ideas and their cultural identity which they may utilise to help them adjust to their new country.Through this process, we have had the pleasure to have the Danish settle in Dannevirke (Norsewear socks continue to keep the feet of the nation – and the nation’s tourists – cosy); some Scots in Waipu and, of course, Dunedin; many Pacific Islanders to the warmer parts of the country; Fijians have made the move to Invercargill and Swedish glass-blowers have made themselves famous in Nelson.

268 x 192 mm, 304 pages, hundreds of colour photographs, paperback with flaps


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