Kiwi Toasties

By Astral Sligo

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Forget the pies, toasties have been keeping Kiwis going for decades! Whether you get your toasties from a roadside cafe, you whip one up at home, or your office has a toasted sandwich maker to keep the workers happy and nourished, toasties are the people’s choice! We pay homage to this one-stop food group, providing heaps of tasty suggestions and tips and hints as to the best way to create the ultimate taste-sensation-toastie!

148 x 130 mm, toastie shape, 48 pages, paperback



Astral Sligo

Astral Sligo grew up in the mighty Manawatu dairy-heartland surrounded by cows, and once was a student who lived solely on toasties. Her favourite toastie is cheese, pineapple and red onion. Astral was once a book publicist and is now an editor.