Bateman New Zealand Historical Atlas

Visualising New Zealand

By Malcolm McKinnon et al

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The Bateman New Zealand Historical Atlas surveys New Zealand history through a dazzling array of maps and graphics, covering the story of life on these islands from their origins through East Polynesian settlement, the building of pa in the Bay of Islands, the colonial era in the nineteenth century through to the present. There are 100 double page spreads looking at subjects as diverse as glaciation, Maori horticulture, the journeying of the Tama Pokai Whenua, the pakeha invasion of the Waikato in 1863-64, Presbyterians and the ‘demon drink’, the world of Women in the paid workforce, small town New Zealand. The Bateman New Zealand Historical Atlas is an authoritative, wide-ranging, beautiful, exciting and accessible gateway to New Zealand which will foster and stimulate a greater understanding of the country’s past and present.

359 x 254 mm, 292 pages, colour, hardback with jacket



Malcolm McKinnon et al