The Passionless People Revisited

New Zealanders in the 21st Century

By Gordon McLauchlan

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In 1976, journalist Gordon McLauchlan wrote his most famous work, The Passionless People – a best-selling social commentary on New Zealand, where he probed the murky recesses of our national pscyhe. In The Passionless People Revisited he looks back at how New Zealanders have changed, or otherwise, over the last four decades in a book that promises to be as thought-provoking and controversial as the original.

210 x 137 mm, 208 pages, paperback


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Gordon McLauchlan

Gordon McLauchlan worked on a number of country and provincial newspapers before becoming a Wellington-based special writer for Wilson and Horton Ltd, publishers of the New Zealand Herald. Twenty-five years ago, he became a freelance writer and broadcaster. Books include The Passionless People, a best-selling social commentary on New Zealanders (1976); The Acid Test, an anthology of NZ humour (1981); McMeekan, A Biography (1982); Bateman’s New Zealand Encyclopedia (1984, revised 1987, 1991, revised and expanded 1995);  A History of New Zealand Humour (1988); The Big Con (1992), a political commentary; The Story of New Zealand Beer (1995); A Short History of New Zealand (2004), A Life’s Sentences, a Memoir (2004), Great Tales From New Zealand History (2005) and The Farming of New Zealand (2006). He has also written and published histories of the Union Steam Ship Company, ASB Bank, the Northland Co-operative Dairy Company Ltd, and the New Zealand Association of Credit Unions.