Historic Hawke's Bay and East Coast

By Matthew Wright

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Much of New Zealand's history since the arrival of Europeans has been captured through photographs. Part of a new historic series, Historic Photos of Hawke's Bay and East Coast, by historian Matthew Wright, showcases many of the provinces's important places as well as events, both great and small. These beautifully reproduced images tell the story of Hawke's Bay and the East Coast, their people and places, with a vividness only historic photographs can offer. 

252 x 252 mm, 160 pages, duotone, hardback with jacket


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Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright  is one of New Zealand's most published historians, and his work has received both academic and popular recognition. He has written over 40 books on topics ranging from travel guides to biography, engineering, military and social history He is one of only two historians in New Zealand to have written both a general history of the country, and a history of the New Zealand wars. His book Hawke's Bay – The History of a Province (Dunmore 1994) won a J M Sherrard Award in local and regional history in 1996.