Gods of the Stones

Travels in the Middle East

By Peter Riordan

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A lively, personal perspective on a frequently tumultuous part of the world. In the 1930s, English travel writer H V Morton undertook a series of journeys to the great religious and historical sites of the Middle East. The three books that emerged from these travels cemented his reputation as one of the greats of his genre and are still in print today. New Zealand travel writer Peter Riordan set off in Morton’s footsteps in 2009. His journey took him through Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. Much has changed, he discovers, but much endures fundamentally unchanged. With Morton’s books as his guide, he traces the remnants of Christianity and discovers the religious, cultural and political pressures shaping the region today.


"Peter Riordan's Gods of the Stones stood out from the rest... It provides a fascinating contemporary insight to the places and societies in which many stories of the New Testament are set." Dorothy Vinicombe, Judge

198 x 129 mm, 360 pages, plus 8 pages colour photographs, paperback, includes maps


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Peter Riordan

Peter Riordan has worked as a journalist in New Zealand and Australia. He is currently a freelance editor and writer in Wellington, New Zealand. His first book, Motorcycle Masala, won the City of Brisbane/Singapore Airlines Prize for Asia-Pacific Travel Writing in 2000. He has also written Strangers in my Sleeper, an award-winning account of his travels by rail on the Indian subcontinent.