Living with Diabetes

A New Zealand Guide to Healthy Eating

By Peggy Stacy

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Whether you have diabetes or just want to eat healthy delicious food, this book is a must in your kitchen. Written by an experienced medical dietician and endorsed by Diabetes New Zealand,  over 300 easy recipes make healthy eating a daily delight. Tempting colour photographs and full details of kilojoules, protein, carbohydrates, fibre and fat for each serving accompany recipes. There is also an extensive introduction on diabetes that covers dietary guidelines, a Glycaemic Index and menu planners. Handy charts and tables at the back include a mini fat counter, an alcohol, energy and carbohydrate chart and a summary of the nutritional analysis of each recipe.

296 x 210 mm, portrait, 152 pages, colour, paperback



Peggy Stacy

Peggy Stacy is an experienced medical dietitian who works in a one-to-one capacity giving dietary instruction to people with diabetes and other health issues. She is also an experienced home cook and has written family cookbooks and Taste of the Pacific with Susan Parkinson and Adrian Mattison. A member of the Nutrition Society of Australia and the Australasian Society for the Study of Obesity, she has strong links with diabetes - two of her siblings have diabetes: one Insulin Dependent or Type 1 diabetes and the other Non-insulin Dependent or Type 2 diabetes. Peggy hopes all will enjoy this book and find the advice and recipes useful.