The Ornamental Edible Garden

By Diana Anthony

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Combine creativity, aesthetics and practicality in your very own garden with an inspired mix of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

This beautifully illustrated book gives practical information on everything you need to know to design and plant an ornamental edible garden, including advice on laying pathways and edgings, building raised beds, erecting plant supports, hedging and enclosures, how to espalier, as well as plans for traditional ground layouts for any garden size or shape, and much, much more.

A special section is devoted to the creation of tiny-space and ‘no-soil’ potagers, and a range of vegetables and dwarf fruit tree varieties suitable for container and smaller plantings is discussed.

Essential horticultural practices such as crop rotation, green manures, composting and continuity of produce are presented, together with companion planting and organic management.

258 x 204 mm, 144 pages, paperback, approx. 120 photographs



Diana Anthony

Diana Anthony has been writing gardening books and articles for over 20 years, and most recently her focus has been on the very popular food gardening trend. An early convert to organic principles, sustainability has always been a hallmark of her gardening. Recent publications, The Small Edible Garden (in its 4th reprint) and The Edible Garden Planner (2nd reprint), written especially for new gardeners and those with small areas, have been hugely successful.