1967: Chris Amon

Chris Amon: 1967
is a carefully crafted look at what it was like to be a Grand Prix driver at the end of the era that immediately preceded slick tyres and wings, full-face helmets, effective fire-resistant clothing, self-sealing fuel lines and other safety devices.

'In 1967, John Julian has taken my first year with Ferrari as a template and written an attractive and convincing account of what was at times a difficult season. He has interviewed several of my competitors and has shaped the story to better place it in the context of contemporary events.' Chris Amon


Jean Batten

Jean Batten was one of the great aviation megastars of the 1930s. Her spectacular flights ranked with those of Britain’s Amy Johnson and America’s Amelia Earhart. Yet, despite her brilliance as a pilot, she remained the least well-known of them all.

Drawing on secret memoirs found after Jean Batten’s death and on hundreds of interviews with people who knew her, this biography explodes the enduring myths of happiness and perfection she created for herself. It also solves the mystery of her bizarre and lonely end.

'Ian Mackersey's tireless digging has done Jean, her family and aviation a great service' The Guardian

'A fascinating book.. superbly researched' Mary S Lovell, author of Straight On Till Morning